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Enchanted Island of the Si-Og people

Welcome to the Si-Og Dolls Website.

Let me explain the name to you:
Si is the Gaelic for 'Fairy'    and  Og  means 'Young'  thus they are the young fairies or the little people.  Now for our story:

Somewhere near the mouth of the river Shannon on the west coast of Ireland, lies an enchanted island on which there stands a mystical Fort. This fort is one of the secret entrances to Tir na nOg, the land of eternal youth.

Since time began the Si-Ogs have lived happily on this island and have never ventured into the outside world of 'Big People', that is, until to-day. Curiosity has overcome some of the younger Si-Ogs and they are venturing into our world in search of new friends and adventures.

You can become part of this experience. Why not make friends with some of the Si-Og people today...

Take home one of our limited edition Irish gift dolls with a handknit aran sweater and own a gift from Ireland today!

Enter the enchanted world of the Si-Og people

Siog Dolls  is a range of collectible irish dolls and aran sweaters that are handmade in ireland.  Each fairy doll is handmade from traditional materials and each sweater is knit from aran wool. Each doll is lovingly finished by Marie Enright.

Irish handmade dolls by Siog Doll Collection.The land of the little irish people. Limited edition irish dolls and aran sweaters
From the women who knit the Irish aran sweaters for the Siog dolls, we offer you the following handknit aran sweaters and coats. Sizes Small, Medium, Large and Ex Large, Available in the natural bainin (slightly off white), oatmeal and a donkey brown shade. You can choose to have the men's jackets or sweaters knit in the oiled yarn which gives them a waterproof effect. All Irish knitwear has the authentic Irish patterns and since they are knit by different women, the design can vary somewhat. Because all these garments are individually made we can handknit them to your exact size. Prices do NOT include shipping and handling. These Irish knit sweaters are entirely made in Ireland and are the oiled yarn sweater is typically the Irish Fishermans Wool Sweater.

Take home one of our limited edition handmade Irish wool sweater and own a gift from Ireland today!

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Ladies and Gents Irish Knitwear

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